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Steck eye care continues to strive to offer top-quality optometry and ophthalmology services via tele-health services and at your neighborhood mall.  Our family-owned business values excellence in eye care. Therefore, we only work with the best doctors to bring the highest standard of service to you and your family.

Optometry in Wauwatosa

Steck Eye Care offers Wauwatosa a complete clinical package in eye care, combining years of experience with top-notch equipment. Rather than settle for Stone Age practices, detect any ocular health issues you may face with our digital retinal imaging. Our practice educates our patients around eye problems such as glaucoma or macular degeneration through an inside look at optometry. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we want you to clearly see and understand your eye care needs.

Your child's eye care affects their quality of life as they age. Our center in Wauwatosa delivers all the tests mandated by the state's Child Vision Initiative, but we are trained to give a higher level of testing than traditional school screenings. Our licensed optometrists are proud to work with LensCrafters to bring both you and your child the best care in the business. 

Eye Care & General Health – Are they related?

Eye health can reflect broader health issues as they're windows to what's going on underneath. According to the medical journal Neurology, symptoms of serious conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol can actually show in your eyes. An ophthalmologist or optometrist isn't only here to treat specific eye care conditions. Regular optometry visits to our Wauwatosa clinic can help detect other underlying health issues. During an eye exam, your doctor may refer to broader medical history to discern any warning signs of deeper health problems. We're happy to then refer you to a trusted outside physician to continue your care.

At Steck Eye Care, we understand the eyes are fascinating organs that deserve only the best treatment. We encourage you to stick to regular eye exams for eye care but also offer the convenience of tele-optometry to improve the overall quality of life with the added convenience with new technology. Text, Call or Email, keep in touch and stay ahead of the game and visit our clinic in Wauwatosa today!

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Meet The Staff

Learn Who We Are

  • Amaya
    Optometric Technician

    Amaya is a bright energetic young lady that has contributed wonderful ideas to make the office a more pleasant and efficient place to work. She makes all the patients she takes care of feel special.

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  • Brittany
    Optometric Technician

    'I love coming to work every day and watching the transformation in our patients. It never ceases to amaze me how being able to see clearly and without pain boosts their confidence and restores independence. So many people are living with limitations due to visual impairment – and might not even know it! Working here with Drs. Steck has shown me how even the smallest improvement in one’s sight can make a huge positive impact on their lives.'

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  • Megan Fabisch

    Dr. Fabisch is a recent graduate from the Illinois College of Optometry. She is a joyful person with a wonderful chair-side manner, that makes every patient feel special.

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  • Michael A. Steck

    Dr. Michael has worked to blend the professionalism of a private practice with the convenience of the commercial setting. He has been active in professional groups and charity work associated with the profession. Dr. Michael truly appreciates the opportunity to care for each patient, provide comprehensive eye health exams and fit specialty contact lenses. Dr. Michael opened the practice in September 2001 after being employed by LensCrafters. 

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  • Maria M. Steck

    Maria is a caring mother and professional with a loyal following of wonderful patients.  She has generously given her time for her sons’ schools, teams and other charity functions.

    Prior to working at Steck Eye Care LLC, Dr. Maria had been associated with the LensCrafters brand shortly after graduating from the Illinois College of Optometry almost thirty years ago. Dr. Maria is passionate and attentive optometrist that enjoys her patients, her work and her life!

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

    I've been going to these Drs for a number of years and won't even consider going anywhere else. They are both very knowledgeable in eyecare and are genuinely nice people. Hopefully, they won't ever retire. If they do, I'll go blind.

    Iva T.P.

    Very helpful staff and technicians. The doctors are very nice and help you understand everything going on. I highly recommend them for anybody looking for a good eye doctor.

    Brandon W.

    I’ve been seeing Dr Maria Steck for going-on 20 years and have found her to be first-rate ; very knowledgeable but not at all afraid to refer to a specialist when needed. Her staff is always pleasant and efficient. Highly recommended.

    Larry W.


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