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When was the last time you went in to have your eyes examined? Oftentimes, people put off having their eyes checked. However, you only have two eyes, and the best way to care for them is to schedule regular checkups. These eye exams will help you maintain your sight and detect an array of conditions that could harm your health. From prescribing new eyeglasses or contacts to offering LASIK consultations, the eye doctors in Wauwatosa at Steck Eye Care are here to help you with all of your eye care needs.

Proudly Partnered With LensCrafters

Steck Eye Care is proud to have affiliation with LensCrafters, one of the best eyewear providers who hold an outstanding reputation around the world. By having a close relationship with LensCrafters, we not only provide the highest quality of eye care to our patients, but we can also have them properly fitted with top glasses to allow them to see better.

An Abundance Of Eye Care Services

Much like your annual physicals or dental visits, you need regular appointments with an optometrist. You and the entire family can come in for routine eye and vision checkups. These eye and vision exams will help keep your contact and glasses prescription up-to-date as well as make any adjustments to them. They also help with identifying vision issues early on. The sooner these issues are identified, the better the results are when preserving or correcting vision.

Beyond eye exams, we offer the following services to enhance the eye health and vision of our patients:

  • LASIK consultations and pre- and post-operative care
  • Evaluations and management of ocular diseases
  • Emergency treatments
  • Foreign body removal
  • Contact lens fittings, including color cosmetic fittings
  • Same-day diagnostic lenses for most prescriptions
  • Consultations and fittings for specialty lenses
  • Sports vision therapy
  • Vision therapy
  • And many more

Set Up An Appointment With Our Doctors Today

Whether you currently wear glasses or contacts, or simply haven't had your eyes examined in some time, now is your opportunity to schedule an appointment with our eye doctors in Wauwatosa. From updating your prescription to identifying potential issues with your vision, there has never been a better time to see a professional optometrist than right now. Give the team at Steck Eye Care a call at 414-628-4235 to schedule your appointment today.


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