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Welcome to Steck Eye Care, serving the communities of Wauwatosa and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our optometrist Dr. Michael A. Steck provides comprehensive eye care services for your entire family. Whether this is your first time to an eye doctor or you need a new optometrist today, we are here to help. Learn what to expect when visiting Steck Eye Care for your family eye exams.

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What to Expect When Getting an Eye Exam

When you visit our eye clinic for an eye exam, our eye doctor begins with a medical history of your eye and vision health. From there, we conduct a variety of eye and vision tests as part of our complete eye exam. A visual acuity test, also known as the standard eye chart test, is the most common eye test we use. We provide tests for color blindness, ocular motility, and depth perception to gain a full scope of your vision and eye health.

Specialized Eye Exams

If you are struggling with vision loss, itchy eyes, or problems with pain in your eye, then you will most likely need a specialized eye exam. In this type of eye exam, we look for eye conditions, diseases, or injuries. For example, you need an eye exam to diagnose glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or age-related macular degeneration (AMD). These are serious eye conditions that can lead to permanent vision loss if not treated. By working with our optometrist in Wauwatosa, WI and getting an eye exam, you can detect eye problems early. Early detection is the best defense you have against incurable eye conditions like AMD. 

When to Get a Vision and Eye Exam

We recommend starting vision exams at age seven or with your first year of school. After that, getting an eye exam at least once a year is sufficient. However, if you have vision loss or eye pain, please contact our eye doctor as soon as possible for an appointment. By delaying treatment, you risk further damage to your vision. Along with comprehensive eye health exams, we also perform eye disease management. In addition, if you need vision correction, eye surgery co-management, or contact lenses, we have the resources onsite to assist you.

Get a Vision Exam in Wauwatosa, WI 

To get started with your eye and vision exam in Wauwatosa, WI, choose Steck Eye Care. Dr. Steck is ready to assist you and your family members with outstanding eye and vision care services. Call our office at 414-369-3596 and schedule your eye exam today. We offer a new patient center online where you can access your patient forms prior to your first appointment. This makes it convenient for you when visiting our eye doctor for your vision exam.


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